Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Zorb King of the Island! - Written by Sam Jones

Lake Powell is a place where dreams come true and bone-crushing body blows happen. The natural surroundings it provides should be on anyone and everyone’s to go bucket list. When in Lake Powell there is a never-ending possibility to what could be next. As seen in many of Devin Supertramp’s videos.

Then the idea of King of the Hill with Zorb balls was presented. Exciting, right? That’s what I thought when I willingly said I would take part in this shoot.


There is one thing about Lake Powell that presents interesting challenges. For this shoot we would need to find a good-sized island that would provide easy accessibility and full 360 footage for the cameramen. This was a challenge; every spot we would find was either to big, to hard to climb up to or simply just not what we were looking for. Until, we found this gem of an island on the last day of our weeklong escapade, a couple miles from camp.

The excited crew nominated a few lucky friends to begin the king of the hill battle. As we got to the top with our zorb balls inflated an equipped. We had no plan except it was a free for all and that we had to pummel our friends into the watery depths below. The count down begins, three, two, one! We all charge planting our feet into the rocky surface hoping our leverage and force was better than our opponents. BOOM! Someone flies into the air and knocks the person across onto the ground. People scatter brained franticly get up trying to brace for another impact, but soon find they are to late and end up in the water.


I was apart of the Zorb Soccer video a couple years ago, and I quickly learned how much more forgiving grass is than sandstone. Zorb balls aren’t as protective when it came one on one with sandstone and all of it’s sediments breaking and cutting almost all of us that came in contact with it. Punctured zorbs, cut up feet and knees where the result of playing games here, but this was a battle that just seemed not to end. There was no end because we were all too competitive to even consider this a game. It was a full on exhausting battle against people I consider friends.  


After each round more injuries would surface, heavy breathing accompanied everyone as we struggled out of the water. Slipping on wet rock and falling back into the water was common. But as friends do we would help each other out with hopes of putting them back to where they belong, in the water!

Despite the injuries, this was a fun video! Being able to go back to playground with my friends is something I missed from childhood. But this provided a little reminiscent reminder that it’s never too late to be a kid.  So get outside play games and maybe hurt your friends in the name of childhood fun.


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